Can any one Post a working example for running nodes on separate machines in windows?

(Mullapudi Raghu Ram) #1

@wawrzek,@Clinton_Alexander,@Clemens.wan we are facing issues over starting up the nodes other than controller.Can anyone post a working example for running nodes on separate machines with screen shots of node.conf for all the nodes which can help us in exploring Corda.

(Roger Willis) #2

Can you provide any more detail around the specifics of your issues? In the meantime, we can put some docs together which may assist you. Cheers

(Wawrzyniec (Wawrzek) Niewodniczański) #3

@roger I guess it’s related to Issues in Running the nodes on separate machines, isn’t it @mullapudi_raghuram?

(Roger Willis) #4

Joel and I are going to look into it today if we have time.

(Roger Willis) #5

So Joel and I have just got the CorDapp-Template working on multiple machines. We did the following:

  1. Run ./deployNodes on one machine.
  2. Copy the nodea folder to another machine.
  3. Run ifconfig / ipconfig (on windows to ascertain local IP address)
  4. Edit node config for all nodes:
  • artemisAddress="{LOCAL_IP_ADDRESS}:10004" (not localhost!)
  • networkMapAddress="{IP_ADDRESS_OF_CONTROLLER NODE}:10002" (for all but the controller nodes)
  1. Run the nodes.
  2. Navigate to localhost:10005/web/example/ on the machine which hosts nodeA.
  3. Create a purchase order.
  4. navigate to localhost:10007/web/example/ on the machine which hosts nodeB. Refresh the page to see the purchase Order.


  1. You have to be on the same local network. Wont work if one machine is behind a NAT router, for instance.
  2. There is a bug we are in the process of fixing… If you shut down the nodes and try to restart them, then only the network map service will start.

Issues in Running the nodes on separate machines
(Mullapudi Raghu Ram) #6

@roger yes you are right

(Mullapudi Raghu Ram) #7

Thank You @roger for your help for us in exploring corda

(richard) #8

Excellent! Thanks @roger and @wawrzek and @joeldudley - and thanks @mullapudi_raghuram for raising the question . @joeldudley - can we make sure this is written up somewhere please?

(Joel Dudley) #9

Yep - we’ve added a new section to the readme of the corDapp template, here:

@mullapudi_raghuram - let us know if you face any further issues. We know the process works within a given subnet, but haven’t worked on a version that works across subnets yet.

(Mullapudi Raghu Ram) #10

Thanks @joeldudley for your help in resolving the issue.It really helps us in exploring corda.I had no issues in running on different machines.Yes, this will definitely works with in the same subnet.

(Deepak Kumar Purohit) #13

Hi @mullapudi_raghuram,
We are facing the same issue. If you resolved this issue, please suggest


(Joel Dudley) #14

Hi @deepak,

Just wanted to check that you’d followed the instructions here:

Please note that nodes cannot currently communicate across subnets - are you trying to run nodes from machines on different subnets?

(Deepak Kumar Purohit) #15

thanks for responding.
Both machines are running on the same subnet.

(Michael Carneciu) #16

Hi Joel.

Is there a way to make the nodes communicate across subnets? What would have to be implemented to support this behaviour?


(Viswanathan S) #17

Hi @joeldudley, @roger
I tried as like given in readme document for running nodes on separate machines.
controller and nodeA got started in one machine.
but in another machine,only nodeB gets started .nodeC won’t.
And also not saying "node for party B " started like that.
Please help me out.

(Viswanathan S) #19

only partyB got started