Conceptual Questions about Corda's Support for Customers of Member Organizations

(Erhan S) #1

I asked this question under one of my questions, but could not get any response. In case it’s not been seen I wanted to post it separately. I’d be glad if I hear your valuable comments. Here are my questions:
1)How Corda model can support customer of a node owning organization? As far as I can see examples include transactions btw node owning parties. If a bank needs to issue something to its customers or a customer needs to buy an asset (like a stock) or a customer transfers an asset from one party to another party, how do clients fit into to the model? (here customer does not own and operate a node and is not part of network as a Party)
2) Related with question 1, how can Corda integrate with digital/secure wallets owned by (for example) a bank’s client?