Connection refused

(Viswanathan S) #1

Am new to corda. when I try to open the example cordapp from github in intellij it shows like Gradle ‘cordapp-example-release-V1’ project refresh failed.Error:Connection refused: connect. please help me


(Viswanathan S) #2

hi team,
please do needful.

(Roger Willis) #3

You need to import the gradle project, then Gradle should download the binaries automatically for you. Connection refused leads me to believe you cannot communicate with the repositories. Are you behind a proxy or something?

(Viswanathan S) #4

yeah roger…there is firewall which blocked something. but i don’t about that.

(Viswanathan S) #5

@roger how can i know which ip and port blocking me communicate with the repositories? i didnt find anything in my console.