Corda + Interledger integration

(Obi Ik) #1

Hi everyone. Please how can I integrate Interledger Protocol to Corda? How can external Ledgers and data coming from them be modelled into a Cordapp?

(Roger Willis) #2

Maybe @rnicoll can comment here. Cheers

(Ross Nicoll) #3

Interoperability via generic protocols such as Interledger is being investigated currently, and may require some extensions to the core platform to support, depending on the approach used. Bespoke CorDapp contracts that support connectors and escrow accounts as called for in the Interledger protocol (Universal Mode). For Atomic mode, where a co-ordinating notary is required, there would be further development required to support external notaries. Such notaries and their particular consensus methods would need to be separately developed and integrated.

Did you have a specific use-case in mind?

(Obi Ik) #4

I’m working on application that will communicate with external ledgers, receive information about payment transactions from external ledgers and acknowledge it (specifically the Ripple Consensus Ledger). I’m trying to figure out how to represent that external ledger in my model.

(Juzer Balapurwala) #5

Hi Obi/@rnicoll ,

Do you know if there has been further development on this ?

I am trying to solve a similar problem where application will communicate with external ledgers , receive payment information using interledgr and need to process it .

(Juzer Balapurwala) #6

Hi Obi/@rnicoll - Could you please help ?