Corda Node on mobile devices, light client

(Sekhar Roy) #1

One of my client is interested to build a POC on block-chain using CORDA . They are targeting smart contract based policy management use case on mobile app. Initially 40 users will be participating in the a private network using mobile devices(some using android and some IOS). Wondering does corda provide any light client which can run on mobile devices ? And if yes can I have ref document to get started ? Any reference implementation(if any) would be a great help.

(Joel Dudley) #2

Corda isn’t a blockchain system, so there isn’t really an equivalent “light client” concept. Nodes only download transactions they’re involved in by default.

More generally, we haven’t been prioritising node performance to date. We’re looking into potential improvements now, but we’re some way off running nodes on mobile devices, I believe.

(Sekhar Roy) #3

Thanks for your quick response. Do you know if there is any client library/package available, which can run on Android or IOS devices ? Any ref document in that regard would be of great help.

(Clinton Alexander) #4

Corda is written in languages that compile to the JVM and Kotlin seems to be fine on Android. If you wanted to do this you’ll likely need some experience with working on Android and then work on configuring Corda to compile to an Android APK. It would be interesting to see any results of such an experiment!

(Sri Hari Prasanth Yalamanchili) #5

We are working on a POC to check if we can build and run a Corda node on an Android Mobile App. However, we are unable to integrate corda libraries and build an APK.

Trying to understand if any such work has happened so far or any documentation references that I can go through? I could not find any documentation on building a Corda node on Mobile APP.

(Roger Willis) #6

Mike wrote an article on how to implement a consumer payments wallet using Corda. I’ll see if I can dig it out and link to it here. In short, it’s possible but it would require a fair bit of engineering :slight_smile:

(Kimmo Hintikka) #7

Hi @roger @yshprasanth just looking resources for the same thing. Maybe ping it if you can find any examples.

After this weekend I promise to push my own experiences to this chain as well.

Setting up Kotlin libs on APK should be walk in the park for Android, expecially when using Android Studio 3.x.

But lets see how it goes.

(Roger Willis) #8

Try this: Mobile/consumer payment experiences with Corda on-ledger cash

(Kimmo Hintikka) #9

Cool that should help out