Corda on Production

(Obi Ik) #1

Where or how does one host a completed Corda project? Which host does/cloud account one use? Are the nodes to be hosted differently on different participants’ accounts?

(Joel Dudley) #2

Hi Obi,

Corda currently only supports nodes being run on the same machine, or on different machines on the same subnet (instructions here: The nodes must also all have the same CorDapps installed. We’ll be adding support over time to allow nodes to communicate across subnets.

In terms of creating an CorDapp Store or the like, this isn’t something we’ve thought about much yet, but is a possibility down the line.

(Wawrzyniec (Wawrzek) Niewodniczański) #3

Actually Corda by definition support secure communication over internet, therefore participants nodes can be anyware. Running on the same host or in the same subnet makes things easier, but it’s not require. In the production system each participant is going to be responsible for it’s node (and node might be distributed over multiply machine) and have one deployment strategy.