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Forum Announcement from Developer Relations

As of 11 July 2017, if you have any Corda related questions or support queries we politely request that you ask them on Stack Overflow instead of here (Discourse).

We are super excited that the Corda developer community continues to grow at a fast pace. Everyday, we see new developers wanting to build CorDapps, which is encouraging for the whole community!

Developer Relations are here as advocates, not only for Corda but also for all the developers building on Corda. It’s our stated mission to make your life as easy as possible and part of that involves providing development support.

We really enjoy helping all the CorDapp developers out there and want to continue doing so. However, the recent community growth, while amazing, presents a problem for us. We feel that our current approach isn’t scalable so we need to make some changes that we feel will benefit everyone going forward.

Currently, the Corda platform team fields many development questions on a daily basis via email, slack and discourse.


Please don’t ask us support queries via email :slight_smile:


The #general channel on the Corda slack is always active with support queries. However, a large amount of support also happens via private messages. In fact, nearly half the 85k (!) messages on slack, to date, are private messages and I suspect most of those are support based!

Providing support on slack and via private messages worked when the Corda community was first developing. However, as the community has grown, it’s clear to us that this model doesn’t scale:

  • There’s so much value in private support conversations that is not accessible to the wider community. As such, many questions are repeated. This means we spend time re-answering questions when we could be adding more value elsewhere
  • Searching for answers to questions in the #general channel is cumbersome and time consuming. Often a search won’t yield any useful results
  • Lastly but perhaps most importantly, slack is often blocked by company firewalls. This is an issue when many of our community members need support during work hours.

There must be a better way!

What about Discourse?

Discourse was designed as a discussion forum, not a technical support forum and it is cut off from other development communities. Users must sign-up to yet another forum which we feel adds unnecessary friction.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could have a purpose built, widely available, community driven, online, searchable record of all (most!) Corda support queries with documented resolutions where you can be rewarded for participating?!

Enter Stack Overflow!

We all know and love stack overflow, so why don’t we use it for Corda support? As such, we propose moving Corda development support and questions to Stack Overflow. Why?

  • Stack Overflow has been purposefully designed to facilitate developer focused Q&A / support
  • It’s easily searchable, especially via Google
  • We’ll produce a long-lived library of answers that will benefit the whole community going forward - the more we all ask and answer, the more everyone benefits
  • Developer relations will have more time to spend on building awesome resources: more tutorials, code samples and webinars
  • Most developers already have a Stack Overflow account or are familiar with using it
  • Developers get to earn reputation by asking and answering questions

How to get support going forward?

Stack overflow should be your first port of call when asking for Corda support or if you have any Corda related questions. If you post a question on Discourse, we’ll politely ask you to re-post it on stack overflow. Likewise, if we feel your question on Slack is appropriate for Stack Overflow then we’ll politely ask you to post it there. Don’t worry, you’ll still get the same level of support as before.

It’s easy to get started with stack overflow:

  1. Sign up at Stack Overflow here: You only need a Name, email and password.
  2. Once logged-in you can ask a question by clicking on the blue “Ask Question” button or use this link:
  3. First, see if you can find the answer to your question by searching for it. If not then you are good to go! Read the tips then check the “thanks, I will keep these tips in mind when asking” tick box. There’s more information on how to ask an effective question here:
  4. Write your question. IMPORTANT: Make sure you tag the question with “corda” so we can find it. Add any other relevant keywords
  5. Post your question
  6. Wait for a response

All Corda tagged questions are indexed at this URL:

What happens to Discourse? Going forward, Discourse will continue as a general Corda discussion forum only.

What happens to Slack? We want you all to continue using Slack! However, if a question is more appropriate for Stack Overflow then we’ll ask you to post it there, so everyone can benefit in the long term!

We assure you that moving to Stack Overflow won’t degrade the level of support available. In fact, it is likely that the opposite will happen… Going forward, it will become increasingly more likely that your question would have been asked (and answered!) before. If your question hasn’t been asked before then Stack Overflow is definitely the best place to ask it!

So please, help us help you and use Stack Overflow for your Corda questions! :slight_smile:

As an aside, we are aware that an increasing amount of organisations want to run Corda in production, as such we need a formal way to support your development and deployment efforts. For you, we are introducing Enterprise Corda support, please contact us on Slack for further detail around this.


Corda Developer Relations

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