Corda use case (B2C)

(YA) #1

I’m trying to work on certain use case where there is a need to issue cryptocurrency and use this cryptocurrency as payment method between different entities (Nodes) and consumers of those entities within private network, I’m still struggling on designing the data architecture and business logic to build interface for consumers (e.g. consumer wallet including hashing and PKI structure) using corda platform…
I can see that corda mostly used on B2B use cases, however I would like to know if Corda can be used for B2C scenarios, and how?

(Richard Green) #2

(oops - ignore my reply here - I put it on the wrong question)

(Mike Hearn) #3

Hi YA (lol),

We have a design doc on this internally that we wrote in response to a potential customer asking us a similar question (related to using central bank money via smartphones in a developing country), so I just cleaned it up a bit and published it here:

There’s a lot of stuff in that, but it contains all of our current thinking on business-to-consumer use cases here. If it’s not in there, I’m afraid that means we probably didn’t think about it much.

(YA) #4

Hi Mike,

Please accept my apology for the late reply, and thank you for the valuable information,
but can you please advise Corda position from phase one (wallet app that relies on a node run by your bank).
Are you still in the design phase? if not do you have prototype or open source sample wallet app? or at least some more details about low level design?


(Mike Hearn) #5

We are not currently working on that project. The design doc is all we have.

(Jose) #6

Hello @mike ,

Is there any change on this? Have you resume the initiative?

Thanks in advance


(Mike Hearn) #7

We’re still focused on business-to-business at this time, but we’re getting more and more interest in the “run a consumer fiat-crypto on Corda” use case, so I plan to study the problem space more soon.