Creating a Flow with More Than One Counter-Party

(Gareth Kanter) #1

I have a state object that I want to be stored in the vaults of three nodes. For example, Node A issues a state object to both Node B and Node C. Node A, Node B, and Node C will all be able to see the same state object in their vaults.

I figured I would have to a create a flow where all three nodes sign off on the transaction, but the flow templates provided only have the InitiatorClass and the ResponderClass. I tried using a loop to send the signed transaction first to Node B, back to Node A, then to Node C, and back to Node A again where it was finalized. This caused a flow error with Node B.

Are there any examples of flows with two or more counter-parties?


(Roger Willis) #2

Hi Gareth ,do you mind asking this on Stack Overflow - we are retiring discourse for support queries/questions.


(Gareth Kanter) #3

Hi there,

Thanks for the new info. I actually ended up working it out another way.


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