Distribution of contract code

(mark lester) #1

Is the contract handling code essentially just Java and run by the server ?.
If I want to edit a contract’s functionality do I have to release code to be installed across the network ?.

(Roger Willis) #2

Hi Mark ,do you mind asking this on Stack Overflow - we are retiring discourse for support queries/questions.


(mark lester) #3

(Roger Willis) #4

Thanks for this. SO will be better going forward for devs to quickly find answers!

(mark lester) #5

sure. the only problem is if its a discussion, though you may not have the bandwidth for too much of that anyway, so making people ask confined questions is a good idea also.
stack overflow isnt a good place for people to chin wag about whats the best way to ship or encapsulate code, or just make vague queries. but if you have a discussion forum thats where the support queries go so you cant win.