Docker for Corda

(Wawrzyniec (Wawrzek) Niewodniczański) #1

Docker image for Corda is one of the things I’ve been looking this sprint at. There is a dump of current state, some might find interesting. Please feel free to add any comments and suggestion

HSBC Docker scripts and configs

Interesting images

Interesting links

My test image

(Charles) #2

it would be nice to have an option to enable a debug port on the node

(Wawrzyniec (Wawrzek) Niewodniczański) #3

I put an initial version of Docker image in In future we are going to use HSBC input to add swarm. Any other ideas?
@amiracam - what debug port would you like to use?

(Charles) #4

5007 works well , thanks

(Charles) #5

sorry HSBC i.e. as in the 7th largest in the world’s bank’s input to add Docker swarm / cluster capabilities ?

(Wawrzyniec (Wawrzek) Niewodniczański) #6

Gary Rowe and the team done some impressive things with Docker already.
You can see some of them here:

(Wawrzyniec (Wawrzek) Niewodniczański) #7

There is #corda-docker channel on public slack channel.