Encrypted Transactions?

(James Sangalli) #1

Hi All,

I was wondering if there are any plans to build in encrypted transactions?

For example, Bank A and bank B would like to trade, the two banks build a WireTransaction and encrypts it Asymmetrically (i.e. bank A encrypts with bank B’s pub key and vice versa). This could be used to prevent man in the middle attacks etc.

Is this something corda will implement in future or is it not on the agenda? If not then why not?


(Mike Hearn) #2

We’re working on something a bit like that, yes. Note that MITM attacks are already solved using SSL/TLS. Transaction encryption is more about protecting the chain of custody.

(Zhen Jiang) #3

Hi there,

I am looking for something like this to be implemented in my use case. Would like to know is there any update or possible solutions to this.

Use case:

  • to encrypt states with recipients public key and only the recipient are able to decrypt it using their private key.

Many thanks!