Entity registration

(Sweta Kedia) #1


We have seen sharing of data between Node A and Node B.

I couldn’t find anything related to following use case:

  1. Suppose I want to register two entities in Node A say x and y. Similarly two entities in Node B say w and z.

  2. Now I want x to create a transaction ans share it with w and not z.

How do we go for this?

(Roger Willis) #2

Not sure I understand the question. By entity do you mean a legal entity? There’s a one to one mapping between a Corda node and a legal identity.

(Sweta Kedia) #3

Not a legal entity, by entity I mean users registered with a particular node.

(Roger Willis) #4

Thanks for clarifying. At present there is only one key pair (i.e. user) per node, this will soon be changing - I believe the work to facilitate this is already under-way. When it’s finished you’ll be able to allocate a key pairs in a hierarchical fashion for each user. Cheers