Gradle update in IntelliJ destroyed external lib DSL

(m ) #1

I’m a gradle/intellij newb - was running the corda template M13 fine in intelliJ, until an intelliJ prompt asked if I wanted to update gradle.

After carelessly clicking ‘yes’, all Corda DSL now has unresolved references. What is the shortest path to retract|update rest of project?

If possible an explanation would be appreciated too. thanks in advance!

So far I’ve $ gradle --refresh-dependencies and $ gradle build --refresh-dependencies from the top level directory with no luck.

I’ve tried to fine a way to clear the gradle cache…which I read on SO can sometimes help, but I can’t find it in the template structure.

And I’ve updated the maven repos:

first two were successful, but last one keeps getting an error, with no pointers.

i appreciate any explanations and help in advance!!

(Roger Willis) #2

Probably just deleting your ~/.gradle and ~/.m2 and re-cloning which ever repo you were using should do the trick. If you run ./gradlew deployNodes that should download all the dependencies for you.