How to configure the authentication of Corda Web servers?

(Alexander Perepechaev) #1

Can you tell me how to authenticate the web server to Corda?
We need password authentication.
Can there be any materials for reading?
While we decided that there will be enough authentication layer between the client (AngularJS) and the Web server (RESTful, Jersey).

(Wawrzyniec (Wawrzek) Niewodniczański) #2

Please remember that the webserver is deprecate, but if you need add security please look at standard webservers/proxy e.g. Nginx or Apache to put in front of Corda.

(Alexander Perepechaev) #3

And than it is possible to replace a web server?

(Wawrzyniec (Wawrzek) Niewodniczański) #4

No, it’s makes authentication possible and relatively easy. There is no clear decision how to replace current webserver.