How to do partial data sharing among nodes based on permission

(Surajit Kumar Mandal) #1

I need help on the below query.

The use case scenario is this:
A permissioned Network with say 5 member nodes in it. One of the nodes publishes a single transaction of 100 records or states (as a bulk) onto the ledger out of which only 10 need to be shared with Node 2 and 50 with Node 3 while Node 4 and Node 5 will only get a summary record (as they are auditors/third party vendors who are interested in only aggregated data and hence lower level PHI information is not needed to be distributed to them).

Would it possible for you to identify/provide some sample code about how to achieve this with CORDA? This use case design implementation will impact couple of our products so I want to make sure that I fully understand how to be able to implement this.

(Mike Hearn) #2

Hi Surajit,

I think we followed up sufficiently on Slack with this? At any rate, the partial merkle trees feature should help with that: it’s discussed in the docsite and the IRS demo uses it.