How to sync states from other nodes

(Kiattchai Preecha-anusond) #1

I follow the steps on the QuickStart topic and try the cordapp-example. However, I has a question and this is my scenario.

  1. Start the cordapp-example network.
  2. Open a browser and access to PartyA node.
  3. Send an IOU from PartyA to PartyB.
  4. Close the cordapp-example network.
  5. Make a copy of a …/cordapp-example/kotlin-source/build/nodes/PartyB and keep it somewhere.
  6. Repeat the step 1-4. (Both PartyA and PartyB now have 2 IOU states in their ledgers).
  7. Replace the …/cordapp-example/kotlin-source/build/nodes/PartyB with the copy one from the step5.

After this point, if I start the cordapp-example network and access to PartyA and PartyB, I will see that PartyA has 2 IOU states but PartyB has only 1 IOU state. I am not sure what I need to do in order to sync the missing IOU state from the PartyA to PartyB.

(Roger Willis) #2

Hey there, do you mind asking this on stack overflow? We’ve moved all support there.


(Kiattchai Preecha-anusond) #3

I have just created it on the stack overflow. Thank you for the information.