I need help with evaluating corda for my project

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Hello, this is my first post here, I hope it’s okay and I am posting in a correct subforum.

Basically I was tasked with evaluating corda for the project I am working on. Our usecases for Corda are as follows:

1) Users are able to give each others recommendations, assign score 1-10, add some skills that they value in the person being recommended etc. but recommendations should be visible to every node on the ledger (recommendations that are known only between participats doesn’t make sense)

2) Users are able to acquire digital currency by completing various tasks and spend it on some virtual goods we provide. They can’t trade it between each other, lend it etc.

I wonder if Corda will be a good fit here? I was reading documentation, working through tutorials etc., but I am still full of doubts, so here are my questions:

a) Each recommendation will become a single shared fact on the ledger, but it shouldn’t be known only to participants, but to all people on the system. Doesn’t it kill Corda’s strongest side?

b) What could Corda Nodes in such application be? Each user as a node? What if it is a web application and not a desktop one, would it be impossible to spawn new node on each client’s machine? Or is there other way to do it?

c) If each Corda Node is a web app user and all shared facts are known to all users, doesn’t it mean that each Corda Node has an internal SQL database with all shared facts (rows) on the ledger, meaning that we basically have N copies of the same SQL database? Does it even make sense to use Corda instead of single SQL DB in such scenario?

d) Is corda a good fit for currency, when only interaction is SYSTEM <-> USER(s)? No USER <-> USER?