Integration with Other Hyperledger projects

(Sij) #1

Is there any plan to ingrate Corda with other hyperledger projects like fabric and Sawtooth Lake’s in the future?

(richard) #2

Hi @Sij. One of the reasons we’re planning to contribute Corda for consideration for incubation in the Hyperledger Project is precisely to collaborate openly with other projects. Examples of collaboration I’d like to see includes around standards, interoperability, common components where they make sense, etc. An example of the latter might be the work-in-progress deterministic JVM sandbox we’re developing for Corda’s contract verification purposes. I suspect that would also be immensely valuable to other projects - for example, the Java support being developed for Fabric

But we have no plans to integrate Corda into any of the other platforms… the reason we’ve built Corda is because we see a set of requirements/tradeoffs that other platforms don’t address… if we’d just built a me-too or a modest improvement over one of the existing platforms, what would have been the point? Put another way: we believe Corda will prove to be better for some use-cases than the others - and vice versa, of course.

So it’s entirely non-obvious to me that trying to combine all the codebases into a single platform makes any sense.

But the common licensing (Apache 2) and collaborative environment in the Hyperledger Project will allow us to explore all these topics.

(Jerry Shin) #3

Dear @richard,

I’m sorry to have to revive this thread, but it is not entirely clear to me what the differences are between Corda and Fabric. For what reasons would one choose Corda over Fabric, or vice versa?

Thank you.

(richard) #4

Hi Jerry - my last couple of blog posts could be helpful! Take a look at I talk about our very different privacy designs, for example