Is there a recommended infrastructure how to host CorDapps as production?

(Jiachuan Li) #1

Hi Team, I didn’t find one documentation about which is a recommended servers infrastructure and what are the best practices to host CorDapps, and I would like to know this for a production application. For example, shall we need to host the app with Websphere/Weblogic? Or we can follow the best practices about how to host and manage a java application but there is no special requirements for CorDapp, just treat it as a normal Java application. Kindly advise. Thanks.

(Tom Menner) #2

Hi Jiachuan - Good question. A Corda Node runs within a JVM, and so by extension CorDapps are JVM-based apps (ideally Java or Kotlin). An RPC layer and a services API are exposed for interaction with the Node and CorDapps - but what is at the other end of those calls is up to the application designer. So for example it could be a simple Web front end, or it could be an app server tier as you suggest (such as WebSphere or WebLogic); or it could conceivably be a mobile app, a BPM application, a CICS transaction, etc. - whatever can interface to the Node and receive output from it. So your instinct is correct: it is a very rich and powerful framework for running JVM-based applications that conduct complex distributed transactions, which in turn can be called by other applications or front-ends.