Is there membership concept in Corda?

(Ashok Reddy Pannala) #1

Hi Team,

Compared to other blockchain techanologies like hyperledger, do we have membership concept in Corda. If yes, how we implement and please give me the link to the document to proceed.

If there is no membership concept, then how we ristrict data for other users?

(Richard Green) #2

Hi Ashok

So if you are talking on an implementation / technical level of membership, then Corda does not have this concept as it does not need to. Data is only sent to those who should receive it, not sent to everybody in the network. One doesn’t need to restrict data for other uses as it is never sent to other users in the first place. Does this help ?


(Ashok Reddy Pannala) #3

Thanks Richard.
Got it now.