Missing Java code examples in tutorials

(Kim Cordashian) #1


We are a team of Java developers and we are interested in using Corda. So far we have concluded that Corda would be the best choice for our project, but when we got to the tutorials we found that in some of them the java example code is not there. The problem starts from the “Writing a contract” tutorial and escalates from there.

If you could include the missing java examples in your docs, that would be of great help.

Thank you for your time,
Poor java souls

(Prime Holding) #2


We found your framework impressive and we would like our Java developers
to use it in their upcoming project but unfortunately as is aforementioned
parts of the documentation are only available in Kotlin and that is a big
concern of ours. We would greatly appreciate your feedback as to whether this
issue will be resolved in the near future since that is a vital point when
deciding on a framework to use.

Prime Holding JSC