Node Deployment using Shield or OSv

(Tomas Tauber) #1

Corda nodes are packed up in Capsule. There’s a tutorial how to deploy Corda nodes as Windows or Linux services:

Has anyone tried deploying Corda nodes using Shield or OSv? Are there any problems / caveats apart from what’s mentioned in the repos (e.g. Java agents don’t work in OSv at the moment: ) ?

(Mike Hearn) #2

Hey Thomas,

We haven’t tried OSv but it’s something we’re well aware of and would like to pursue in future. Capsule is a bit of a temporary solution. We’re likely to ship Corda in future as a tarball or zip for each platform independently (with a bundled JVM).

W.R.T. agents, as part of the bundling process we’ll end up taking control of the JVM startup parameters. And if we provided an OSv image we’d customise their Java startup code to work properly.