Notary clarification


Hello Guys,

I’d like to have a little clarification on notaries. I understand that:

  1. Notaries can be non-verifying and only checking there is no double-spending
  2. Notaries can be verifying and validate a transaction which inputs designed them as notaries

However, what/who are they exactly? -no coding background-

-> When I will set up my network /flow, who will I assign as a notary or cluster of notaries? For example if I have a money transfer (P2P), can my company be its own “verifying” notary? Then only check if there has been no double-spending and validate the transaction automatically? If so, how do we set-up a cluster of notaries then (including 3rd parties)? I’m really trying to understand what is Behind it?


(Roger Willis) #2

Hi Romain,

Do you mind asking this on stack overflow? We’ve moved all support there. You’ll probably get an answer quicker there.

Stack Overflow is useful because the answers are easily searchable by other corda users, so posting there helps everyone else out as well!