Notify participant with a message to start another flow

(ThomasLin) #1

Good day.

I encounter a problem regarding messages sending and receiving. Scenario is as follow

Node: A and B
Flow: P and Q
Flow P has one participant A
Flow Q has two participants A and B

Flow Q will be triggered multiple times. Each time when Q is finished, I want to send a message to node A and start Flow P with a message including a identifier info.

I thought send() can do this but I cannot figure out how. Do I need to run Flow P first and suspend it with received() and wait for message from Flow Q?

(Roger Willis) #2

Hi Thomas, apologies but would you be able to post this on stackoverflow? We’ve moved support to there! Cheers

(ThomasLin) #3

Sure. Just a few minutes

(ThomasLin) #4

Thanks Roger. I have already moved the question. Here is the link

could you please give me some help.
Thank you so much