One question about the legal prose in the contract

(Jiachuan Li) #1

Hi Team, from the last part of API: Contracts page, it says “In the future, a contract’s legal prose will be included as an attachment instead.”, so I have one question want to confirm, currently, just in case if there is not a legal prose or an attachment for a contract, we still need to implement the legalContractReference function which is one document’s hash code, so what content should we hash?

And in the future the legal prose will be used as one attachment for a transaction, am I correct? If so, it means there will be not reference between contract and legal prose, but I think we still need that, otherwise in the new transaction, we will not have the legal prose reference and no way to download it if need. But correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Thanks as always:)

(Joel Dudley) #2

You should provide a hash of the legal contract. At a later date, if you need to settle a dispute off ledger, you can produce the valid legal contract that hashes to this value.

When we say that the legal prose will be included as an attachment, I believe the current thinking is that you’ll just provide the hash of an attachment in the legalContractReference field, which will refer to an attachment stored on the node.