Performance on Corda

(Beginner to Corda) #1

How does Corda perform (compared to other ledger platforms)? How many TPS can it support?

(Clemens Wan) #2

With blockchain technology generally, all data is sent to all parties. When there are more nodes, the system may slow down.
By sending data only to those who need to receive it, the Corda platform can add participants and transactions without this additional load impacting the existing users.

We haven’t undertaken any profiling exercises yet but plan to in the near future. Of course we’ll be publishing the results.
Due to the way Corda is designed, transaction data is only shared with the parties to the transaction in question – so consensus over validity of a transaction is reached at the “deal level”. We also require consensus over uniqueness as it’s possible for two valid transactions to conflict (e.g. a double spend). We facilitate uniqueness consensus via a notary service which can be implemented in a number of ways. All transactions require signing by a notary service – in theory this could present a “bottle neck” in terms of TPS. To mitigate this, we are designing Corda to be used with multiple notary services strategically located geographically to minimize network latency.
In short, we believe Corda will be inherently far more scalable than other distributed ledger technologies which rely on consensus at the “whole ledger” level.

(Donghyuk Han) #3

Hi Clemens,

Financial institutions in my region are sensitive to TPS and your article clearly shows that Corda will be very attractive platform, compared to other legacy blockchain-based solutions.
By the way, do you think existing application performance testing tools can be used to measure Performance of applications running on Corda? or any other way you think fits to performance testing?

(richard) #4

Hi Donghyuk - good question. I’ll let others comment on your substantice point but I wanted to note that Corda’s implementation has not yet been performance optimised (see Mike’s article for info/background on this: So any figures you capture with the current codebase may not be representative of its full potential

(E Lim) #5

Donghyuk, when you mention that Corda is attractive versus other legacy solutions, which particular solution have you been benchmarking against?

(Donghyuk Han) #6

Hi Lim, I meant that Corda is more attractive in the sence that it does not require to send data to all parties. I did not run any benchmark test on Corda yet.

(E Lim) #7

Yes that’s the attractive part about Corda to regulated users. i viewed your blog, had to translate it…have you tried to build a user interface using Javascript/HTML to make it more user friendly? Hope we can do Google Hangout with u to see how it works as we have problem building the demo.


(richard) #8

@avontrust - are you still struggling to get corda running? jump on our slack if you have some specific error messages/logs you want us to look at?

(E Lim) #9

Sure, we are aiming to build a Corda light with MVP components, do you think your team can release such a version? Can we use Javascript/HTML/PHP to build a GUI for Corda?

(Guy Hochstetler) #10

Adding a link to a recent blog on this topic, posted Nov 2017.