Problems in the web example and Terminal

(Andre Stephenson ) #1

I created a new purchase order and it returned this error :

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed requirement: We only deliver to the UK.

I already knew the error however, though it raised the exception I still saw the purchase order created and signed by both Node A and Nodes B.

Node A

Node B

When I refreshed that web page example it did not show the newly created purchase order though it indicated in the terminal that the exchange was created and signed

Is there an explanation for this ?

(Roger Willis) #2

Thanks for this. I believe it’s a bug with the progress tracker. @andrius, @shams do I recall looking at this with you guys before Christmas? Was it a bug? Cheers

(Andrius Dagys) #3

Yeah it’s a bug. If there’s an exception in the middle of the flow, the progress tracker is set to “Done”, which causes it to iterate and print out all the intermediate steps as well. We’re planning to tackle it as part of the general flow error handling work :slight_smile:

(Mike Hearn) #4

Yes, right now flow error handling is fairly non-existent.