Seeking partners to work with

(simon) #1

I am business guy who has been in the fixed income cash and derivatives space for a while. I have designed a number of execution platforms throughout the years.

Looking to experiment with this technology. I am seeking some technical partners who have the skills to cut code using the Corda framework.

If this might be interesting to you please direct message me. I am based in London.

(Roger Willis) #2

Hi Simon, have you signed up to our meet up group on the 18th?

There will be devs there for you to chat with. Plus you can bounce ides of myself or other members of the dev team.


(simon) #3

Thanks - signed up for that!

(Arun Rao) #4

US based technologist/entrepreneur here…

Not sure how to direct message here - my skype is liteoid

(David Lee) #5

@resilient just click on someone’s name and a message button should pop up. :slight_smile: