Setting up standalone web server with RPC client

(YJ Song) #1

Hello, I am trying to develop a standalone webserver with client RPC attached. I used to be a webdev so I have hardtime understanding the whole concept and architecture. Still the documentation helped me a lot though. My goal now is to make a web UI that is completely capable for handling every functionality of corda node and its cordapp, and I read the comment in the resources section of source code that there will be a tutorial on how bset to do this. It seems it’s not available yet so I am trying to make my own move.

  1. Is my current approach actually possible now??
  2. Can I setup web and RPC server on non-JVM platform? (ex: node.js with json-RPC)
  3. I read that current webserver is being granted superuser privilege, which is highly unrealistic. Is it possible for webserver with RPC client to implement login/logout functionality?

If there is anything that makes you confusing or not correct, please let me elaborate or correct myself. Thank you.

(Jiachuan Li) #2

I am also working on this topic and I am using Angular as the UI and tutorial CorDapp as the service side. Just has a general idea that any data/operation you want to do from client UI to Corda, put the desired data in the form and post it to the CorDapp’s web api(which is the ExampleApi.kt in tutorial), then in that api, you can interact with Corda. But this is just based on my current knowledge about Corda, so I also would like to see more inputs from Corda team, any suggestion/comments about this :slight_smile: