Sharing corda Transaction with multiple parties facing issue in release M11

(Jayant) #1

Last month I successfully implemented sharing of corda transaction with multiple parties with corda release 8 version.
but now when I change my corda code according to release m11 version , I am getting some issues.

I am sharing my tranasction with other nodes as follows .

  1. NodaA creates a new transaction and shares with nodeB and NodeC , and transaction will get reflected in all 3 ledgers.
    all nodes can see the same transaction.

but now with release M11 version changes below are the observations / issues

  1. NodeA creates a new transaction and shares with other nodes .

  2. NodeB and NodeC can see this transaction details reflected in their ledgers.

  3. NodeA who initiated transaction does not see all transaction details in ledger .
    3.1 --> VAULT_STATES table of NodeA does not have any records for NodeA but for nodeB and nodeC the same table having records.
    3.2 --> NODE_TRANSACTIONS table of NodeA shows 1 tranasction.

    though 3.2 is shows 1 record my services.vaultAndUpdates() returns empty for nodeA.
    but it works for nodeB and nodeC.

FYI . I have used subFlow(new FinalityFlow(tx, participants) at the end.

please help to solve this problem..

(Jayant) #2

I resolved it …


(Viswanathan S) #3

how you resolve that problem @jayantvc