Should a Notary have dependency on an Oracle's interface?

(Sean Zhang) #1

Again I am restricted to post on stackoverflow, so the question here -

On the notary node, I got a warning about a class in the service interface of the Oracle service like this -
[quasar] WARNING: Method not found in class - assuming suspendable: argent/service/FXRateType#getType()Lnet/corda/core/node/services/ServiceType; (at argent/flow/ConfirmFlow$Recipient#call)
unless I explicitly install the interface in the deployNodes script as this
cordapps = [“argent:service-interface:0.1”] .
Is it the notary’s role to know every oracle’s interface? I thought notary and oracle are independent.


(Joel Dudley) #2

Is the warning causing any issues?

(Sean Zhang) #3

Yes. The flow that uses the oracle would fail -
net.corda.flows.NotaryException: Error response from Notary - TransactionInvalid(msg=net.corda.core.contracts.TransactionVerificationException$ContractRejection: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: argent/contract/FXRateContract$Sign