Simple question regarding Reference Data

(Alexandre Makiyama) #1

What’s the best approach to deal with reference data (accessible from different CordApps)? Query it through Oracles?


(Richard Green) #2

You have two options with reference data. Either refer to it as an attachment or use it within a parameterized command. This page has a fair amount of detail on the implementation of this.

(Alexandre Makiyama) #4

Hi @richg, thanks for the reply.
But I think something is missing on my stream of thought. I understand that the exchange of information between the Oracle service and the CordApps can be made through commands or attachments. But what it’s not quite clear for me is how an Oracle (being an Corda Node) can get the information from outside the ledger. From Corda examples, I see that I can implement an Upload Interface in the Oracle Service. But could I, for example, access a RDMS from an Oracle Service?