Storage directly in Notary without the specific party (Node)

(Thiago Rafael Ferreira) #1

Hello Folks, someone can help me?

Is it obligation to storage a new state on ledger using at least an another party (node)? In my project, I am thinking that a new state may be shared between nodes on ledger without needs to relate with an specific party (node). For example: storage directly in Notary. Is it possible?


(Roger Willis) #2

Why would you want to do this? What’s the use-case? Cheers

(Thiago Rafael Ferreira) #3

Hello Roger,

I know that the Notary is very important to do controls about what is save/manipulate and It doesn’t permit double spend about a state, but I thought of something like:
-In first moment I want create/insert a state only in a respective node (self vault) without share with another party, because I want to share partially. After that, I choose a node or nodes that I want share.
To create more than one Notary will be hard to control each state in future, because It is hard to do merge, then, I think that create an only Notary will be necessary.

The scenery is a robot that will insert states in node by API using another app, and after, a state can be share manually (by analyse) or automatically (by accord pre-algorithms).

Do you think that Is it possible to insert directally in Notary?

(Nikola Dulic) #4

Besides double-spend notaries play important role of providing independent party in dispute resolution process. Another pair of eyes to justify transaction happened (or not).
It sounds like “Issuance” command, to get value on to your ledger (like described check commands section).

(Roger Willis) #5

You can store a state object on the ledger with only one participant, you don’t always need two or more participants. Just only add yourself to the participants list in the state object… but I think what you are referring to is a repository that stores state data which is not “owned” or “controlled” by any particular node - data which can be seen and used by anyone?

In general, although the notary service can be modified, I’d stay away from doing so.

@mike perhaps you might be able to add something here


(Thiago Rafael Ferreira) #6

Hello Roger,

Yes, You described exactly my scenery!
I am referring to a repository that stores state data which is not “owned” or “controlled” by any particular node - data which can be seen and used by anyone.

@mike Do you think that is necessary to change/create something at Corda to do this scenery OR currently Is Corda prepared to do this (only develop by my side)?

Best Regards,

(Roger Willis) #7

At the moment we are adding support for state “observers” - that might address some of your requirements: