The Node Explorer

(Joel Dudley) #1

The Node Explorer – affectionately known internally as the James Bond Viewer – is a new graphical user interface that allows you to experience a Corda network from the viewpoint of an individual node owner – exploring the network map, managing your assets, and viewing any transactions you’ve been involved in.

You can see a video of the Node Explorer in action below, followed by instructions on how to run it for yourself:

##Running the Node Explorer demo:

  • Clone the Corda repo
  • Open the repo in IntelliJ IDEA and import the Gradle project
  • Run the “Explorer – demo nodes” run configuration (you can find information on using run configs here)
  • Once all of the nodes are up and running, run the “explorer” run configuration to create a Node Explorer window
  • In the Node Explorer window, you can log into each node using the credentials “manager”/”test” for banks, or “user1″/”test” for non-banks, on the ports below:
  • Alice – localhost:20004
  • Bob – localhost:20006
  • UK Bank Plc – localhost:20008
  • USA Bank Corp – localhost:20010
  • If you want to log into several nodes simultaneously, just run the “explorer” run configuration again to create another Node Explorer window

(Srinidhi) #2

Hi Joel,

Do we need to create run configurations for running UI and Application or it comes as part of importing repo ? I just imported the repo as gradle project and i don’t see “Explorer – demo nodes” or “explorer”
run configurations.

(Roger Willis) #3

Great video @joeldudley !

(Joel Dudley) #4

@srinidhi No - they should be included. It looks like it may be due to an IntelliJ issue that we discuss on our wiki, here:

Can you try following those instructions and seeing whether the run configs re-appear?

(Andre Stephenson ) #5

@joeldudley Hi. Why would Alice issue the transaction onto Corda? WHO is the notary in this example? WHY would it not be easier for Alice to just transfer the money to Bob? Does Bob have an account in this example?

(Srinidhi) #6

@joeldudley Followed your steps, all missing run configurations appeared under run. i’m able to start the nodes now, but not the UI. Run configuration for UI seems incorrect. i.e in explorer.xml

When i run it, im getting the below error.

Pls share if you have a working copy of explorer.xml


(Mike Hearn) #7

Install the TornadoFX IntelliJ plugin and see if that resolves it.

(Srinidhi) #8

@mike @joeldudley Installed TornadoFX plugin. Its working !! Thank you.

(Arun Rao) #10

Just tried the M7 Explorer - works great - well done!
Map with transaction flow is good eye candy, not sure about utility…

(Saiprasad Raut) #11

After entering the credentials on the UI i am getting following error in Node Explorer

Timed out waiting to receive cluster topology. Group:null]

(Joel Dudley) #12

Hi - could you raise this question on Stack Overflow and tag it as Corda, please?