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This thread will have a collection of frequently encountered issues when developing Corda. There is also a troubleshooting page on our docsite.

Starting Point

The following be a list of steps to take for most issues.


(Note: Where you see gradlew replace with ./gradlew on non-Windows platforms.

  • Use the gradle wrapper gradlew and not gradle - we only support the version the wrapper is at.
  • Run gradlew clean - this fixes many problems
  • In IntelliJ reimport the gradle project (View -> Tool Windows -> Gradle then in the new gradle window press the Refresh icon)


  • Use a more stable milestone branch. We tag our milestones so use git tag to find the milestones and `git checkout -b <tag_name> <your_branch_name> to create a new branch from that milestone.


Specific Errors Messages

“Inherited platform declarations clash: The following declarations have the same JVM signature”

This can occur when using gradle 3. Use the wrapper instead.

Useful Commands

To find out the version of a Corda.jar you can use either java -jar corda.jar --version but for much older versions of Corda you can use .java -jar -Dcapsule.version corda.jar.


Nodes fail to start

Check the logs in the node directory log folders (typically build/nodes/<NodeName>/log).

Things to be added:

  • Missing @Serialisable tags on flows methods.
  • Port clashes from zombie nodes
  • More common errors from Discourse/Slack

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