Using Corda for a school project

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This is my first post and have a very noob question. I hope someone clarifies.

I am student and for my school project I am working with Corda to expand on the trader and attachment template.The idea is that the buyer and seller can exchange information/documents using Corda from their respective non Corda interfaces.

[Current Understanding]
I have spent some time playing with Corda. I have downloaded and ran all the demos and read the technical WP. My current understanding is as below:

A corda node can interact with other systems using a series of micro-services more specifically I plan to create a REST service that will interface with the Client RPC protocols which will go and interact with the Corda Node.

We will most likely be using Angular.js and Node.js for the buyer, seller interface.

I did find some information regarding Client API integration:

However, I am still lacking the complete technical picture regarding this.
Can someone please provide insight into this and/or point me to some sample code that I can refer and understand ?

Looking forward to contribute to Corda one day :slight_smile:
Thank you for making a wonderful software

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Hi @tidu and we’re glad you’re having fun with Corda.

So… I’m not quite sure on exactly the question you are asking. We already provide a REST service interface that you can start independantly from the Corda node. Is your goal to make something that looks a lot nicer than the basic interface? We do have some projects that have got some quite nice presentation layers if you want to get some ideas or improve them.

One thing is to not get mixed up with some terms. We use the term “flow” as to describe the discussion that Corda nodes have when they are coming to an agreement of a transaction (ie for both sides to be happy that the transaction agrees with their view of what is happening in the world). The rpc interface to the node is used in order to initiate these flows. Now, one thing we haven’t done just yet is add the ability for a flow to pause mid way through and reach out for human or other system interaction, but we’re working on that.

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Hello @richg

Thank you for replying so fast.

I am so sorry if it sounds confusing.

Not something nicer not yet. The goal is to integrate applications to Corda Platform. No aesthetics right now.
The idea being that we need to show (POC) that we can send pdf files (in zip) between buyer and seller. Both of which will interact with Corda using their own applications. These applications will be in js.

Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for but I am not sure where to exactly look at in terms of code (samples).

My current reference point is

specifically the section “Interacting with the example CorDapp Via HTTP”

I guess I am just looking for pointers and building my understanding before I start to implement.

Again, thank you so much for your help.