Wildfire question

(Tony Byorick) #1

I’m trying to determine if my workstation environment is sufficiently configured to enable execution of the wildfire app. I’m using a small Ubuntu 16.04 four core machine that successfully runs the Yo and IOU apps downloaded from here on Github. The IOU runnodes script launches a controller and 3 nodes (A,B, and C) along with supporting web servers and, with the web interface, I’ve created and settled IOU’s between London and Paris… So, the workstation seems sufficiently configured to handle IOU.

Am now trying to do the same with wildfire and things are partially, but not entirely, working. Github does not seem to have one of your slick, “IOU-like”, installs for wildfire so am trying the manual approach and have saved M12 corda and corda-webserver jars into ~/corda/wildfire and have saved wildfire_M12.jar into ~/corda/wildfire/plugins and have created a node.conf. Running java -jar corda.jar and java -jar corda.jar brings up two java instances and I can see wildfire plugin loading messages and, with the web interface, can log into BOC and other sites and initiate transfers that appear to be created on the originating site but do not appear in the web UI of the destination site.

The manual installation of wildfire seems to be partially working for me but is not entirely functional or stable compared with IOU.

Do I need to launch a controller instance as was done with IOU? Or maybe node.conf needs some values corrected. If there are no plans to create an automated github install, any chance we get get step-by-step instructions to perform a manual install?


(Clinton Alexander) #2

Hi @TonyB

Is Wildfire built from the cordapp template? Typically ./gradlew deployNodes will create nodes in build/nodes with the runnodes script in that directory. Does Wildfire have these commands available?


(Tony Byorick) #3

I’ve not seen a ./gradlew deployNodes for Wildfire… I downloaded the jar file and dropped it into the plugins folders for a node structure that was cloned from the IOU app that was build using ./gradlew

(Roger Willis) #4

Hi Tony, to get the wildfire app working you need to download a couple of extra things. you need the npm and yarn package managers. In the absence of getting those, I’ve sent you the wildfire jar on slack. Ping me and I’ll give you a heads up on how to generate the jars. Apologies for the late response! Cheers