Will Corda-webserver be made production-ready or be replaced?

(devman) #1


I read in “Node services” docs (URL: “https://docs.corda.net/node-services.html#corda-web-server” ) that the Corda web server may be removed in future and replaced with sample specific webapps using a standard framework like Spring Boot.

In the article “Writing a CorDapp” (URL: “https://github.com/corda/corda/blob/master/docs/source/writing-a-cordapp.rst”) it is mentioned that corda-webserver is not production ready.

I had been reading “cordapp-example” code quite some time and was about to use it. Now since this sample makes use of corda-webserver, I cannot use it as it is.

Please answer couple of questions -

  1. Are there any plans to make corda-webserver production ready?
  2. Are there any plans to re-develop “cordapp-example” using “Spring boot” framework in place of “corda-webserver”?